Mold Removal Services

In the world of water damage restoration, there are mold removal companies, and then there are superior mold removal services that will get the job done when you need it done and how you need it done. After years of professional experience, we can say that at CT Restoration Experts, you can be assured you’re dealing with industry leaders who have a distinct proven track record.

Our ever-growing customer database proves it out and our rate of returning customers bears witness to our delivery method in providing industry standard quality. Why choose CT Restoration Experts? Let’s explain the reason below.

What Is Mold?

Wherever there’s excess water and moisture in one spot for a period of time, mold develops. Without mold removal expertise, mold left unattended and growing is health-threatening and needs to go through a thorough cleaning, sanitation and deodorizing process so your home or business can safely return to its proper routine. In short, this is no job for amateurs.

Professionalism, Expertise And Superior Technology Are Our Trademarks

Did you know that there are approximately 65,000,000 mold spores to an area the size of a postage stamp? Many times, well-meaning people try the removal process on their own not realizing they just deepen the damage done by the presence of the mold.

Whatever you do, do not attempt to remove the mold yourself as doing so may release even more mold spores into your immediate environment.

Teaming up with environmental hygienists and laboratories, and working to correctly diagnose the extent of mold, our cutting-edge technology goes to work right from the start.

Safety First Care Is Our Prime Focus

As industry leaders in water damage and mold removal, we are truly focused on the health of your family or property occupants. As such, we’ve come to be considered as “first responders” in this industry.

We work alongside indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) and laboratories to make sure your family benefits from our anti-mold solution methods.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), if you plan to return home after water damage, the following groups of people are more vulnerable to mold health issues:
• asthmatics
• people subject to allergies or other respiratory conditions
• people with immune suppressed illnesses.

Better have a professional mold removal company do the job.

According to a 2007 joint study between Berkeley University and the EPA, 4.6 million people out of 21.8 million in the U.S. reported their asthma being directly attributed to a damp environment and mold exposure in the home.

We’ve Got You Fully Covered

With our fully comprehensive and certified services, you can rest assured that all our technicians are I.I.C.R.C certified, licensed and bonded. Hassle-free insurance adjusting and claims forms are handled by our specially trained staff to guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction at all times.

No room for billing errors by us or with us as we have direct billing services with no hidden charges.

Rapid Response And Recovery Systems

Whether you have black mold, toxic mold or regular household mold, a faster, more aggressive response method is the primary form of attack as mold spreads rapidly and insidiously.

We not only remove the mold, but we offer 5 to 20-year warranties with fully mold testing services. We also offer HEPA negative air filtration and vacuuming in addition to duct cleaning services. Our mold strategy is thorough and planned for prevention and further contamination.

With our highly trained water restoration and mold removal technicians, we can deliver what you need the most in an emergency:24/7 rapid response emergency service. Moreover, we can be on your site within the first 45 minutes of a call, taking the mess off your hands putting it in ours.

No stalling, coming unprepared or second guessing. As professionals, we know exactly what needs to be done. Our free on-site inspection damage assessment teams are there to help you get back to your daily routine in a quick, safe and professionally manner.

Modern, Cutting-Edge Equipment

Whether it’s our fully equipped fleet of service trucks with GPS capability and full service communication systems, or our water damage repair and extraction processors, every bit of our equipment arsenal is fully approved by insurance companies.

Everything that’s needed for advanced water inspection, extraction and drying we have on hand available to put to quick use. Giant, powerful fan blowers, mildew and odor control devices, flood pumps and sewage backup cleanup equipment, are all ready to go at a moment’s notice to service your needs.

All of our technicians come fully equipped with protective wear such as mask, respirators, gloves and goggles. Another piece of equipment used are moisture meters that use narrow probes to test moisture levels in carpets, drywall, baseboards, bricks, wood or concrete areas such as in the basement.

The borescope is also useful for finding hidden mold behind walls and other surfaces. Borescopes, with their fiber optic probes, are inserted in different materials to look for mold on the other side. Using this device, hidden mold can be located with minimal damage to the wall or surface behind which it is hidden.

Structure And Content Restoration

Whatever it takes to get you and your family, or business, back on track in their daily routines, we will do. We not only remove any water and mold, but we also sanitize, dry, deodorize, replace and paint anew any structural damage done.

We Serve Our Community Well

As we are locally owned and operated, our community has learned to trust and depend on us to do what we say we will do. Our team of certified and professionally trained technicians help ensure that everything goes right for you the first time.

Dedicated to hard work values and ethics, our customer service representatives work hard with our technicians to return property owners to a pre-mold or pre-water damaged state.

To learn more about our mold removal services or anything else, call us today for a free consultation at: (203) 672-2153